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Solar Ray Consulting, LLC is committed to finding the perfect solar solutions for residents Of California Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Florida. We have agreements with the top installers in all states to provide you with the lowest price per watt savings for solar ownership.

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Solar Installation

Quality solar panel installation services with a variety of options to meet your needs. Any panel, Any inverter!


Tesla Powerwall 2 certified installers. Solar Ray Consulting is your best choice for battery backup. 


We offer roofing and re-roof services that can qualify in your solar financing and available rebates.


If you’ve got an electric bill, we’ve got a clean energy solution for you. Commercial, residential, rooftop, or ground mount.


Our in-house, licensed, and accredited team is here as consultants on all services. That includes solar, electrical, battery, roofing & more!


Industry-leading, 25-year warranties for worry-free ownership and operation.

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Solar Installation

Solar Ray Consulting is a premium solar panel broker. We offer industry-leading equipment from Aptos, Qcell, Sunpower, REC,  Enphase, SolarEdge, Tesla, and more.

Tesla Powerwall 2

Add a Tesla Powerwall to your solar system and see immediate benefits. You can live virtually free of the grid, and you are safeguarded from future rate increases.

Your solar system produces energy to power your home and charge your Powerwall. You can use the stored energy in the evenings when there’s not enough solar to cover your energy usage.

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is a powerful energy storage appliance on its own, but that power is scaled up with Tesla`s ability to bundle Powerwalls with each other, essentially into bigger energy storage units. The mobile application for the Powerwall allows you to set the costs and time-of-use periods for your Tesla Home Battery energy. It will then utilize both excess solar energy and grid power to see to it the battery is fully charged at the end of off-peak times. This makes certain that you can use as little power as possible throughout the expensive high-cost energy times.

Roof Replacement

Applying brand-new shingles directly over the existing roofing layer is called re-roofing, is the procedure of recovering or replacing an existing roofing system covering. Except for asphalt shingles, no other roofing system cover for sloped roofing systems enables you the process of recovering, straight over the existing roofing cover.

The difference between re-roofing and roof replacement roofing over an existing roofing system is also called re-roofing or an overlay. If you choose the latter, you will also have to choose whether to roof over your existing roofing or whether to remove it. The drawback is that unless your roofing system is reasonably new and you happen to have saved some extra shingles from the installation job, your patch work may not match the existing roof covering.

Worried your roof condition won’t support solar installation? Don’t. Solar Ray Consulting can handle your roofing and solar project from start to finish. Roofing costs are commonly bundled into your solar’s zero-down financing and may qualify you for solar rebates and tax credits.

Home Energy Monitor

A home energy monitor gives feedback on electric energy use. Devices may likewise display amount of power utilized, and quotes of greenhouse gas emissions. Different studies have revealed a decrease in home power use of 4-15% through use of a home energy screen. .

Electrical energy use might be gauged with an inductive clamp positioned around the electric main, using the electric meter (either through an optical port, or by picking up the meters actions), by interacting with a smart meter, or by straight link to the electric system. The display part might be remote from the dimension, connecting with the sensor using a cable, network, high-voltage line communications, or using radio. On the internet display screens are available, which allow the customer to use a net-connected display screen to reveal near real-time consumption.


Solar Ray Consulting’s success and continued growth is due to our cherished and dedicated team members. We are passionate about doing what is right for you. That means listening to your goals and needs, informing you, and providing you with your best solar energy options. It is our job to help you to make the right decision for your specific situation. We take the time to hire the best talent, and we make sure to invest in training and personal development. Solar Ray Consulting encourages each team member to provide feedback that will innovate and improve processes. We are continually evolving to do things better and faster – all in the interest of our customers. Our team members are a vital component in helping us to be one of the best solar panel installation companies in the United States.
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